Sunday, July 14, 2013

More Stolen Valor

Check out the ribbon rack on Sanford, FL police officer Doris Singleton at the recently televised Zimmerman-Martin murder trial in Sanford, Florida. Apparently, some police departments like Sanford's allow their personnel to wear military ribbons on their police uniforms -- if they earned them. However, no one seems to be overly concerned about whether the wearer has earned them or not.

Officer Singleton, in the above photo, is wearing several medals that are actually from World War II. For example, the ribbon on the lower right above her right breast pocket is the World War II Army of Occupation Medal; what the hell is she doing wearing that award? When asked about it, the Sanford Police Department said that since they didn’t have their own awards system, they went to the Army-Navy store around the corner and picked out Defense Department military ribbons to fit their own format. WWII was selected, a spokesman said, because they knew there weren’t many veterans from that period alive so they didn’t think people would notice.

If they want to steal ribbons from people who earned them, maybe they should wear stolen Girl Scout badges -- like the ones for selling cookies.

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