Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Times are changing

While Russian troops were invading Ukraine, homosexual American soldiers were dancing on stage in drag. A little different from the army we knew.

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Anonymous said...

I the army that you knew ... greg you have no idea ...

remember the key phrase "to reflect the community we defend"

the chaplain corps went first ...get this ... and I know this first hand ... as the catholic chaplain ... I had (I said no, and got into trouble) STORE AND MAINTAIN and PROVIDE A PLACE and SET UP for ... ready: SATANIC RITUALS. So when you see a military chaplain, they are uber corrupted to a man especially the higher the rank.

JUNE in the military is now GAY PRIDE month every O-6 CO that wants to get that STAR (Obama looks over and has to approve of all promotions, like a supreme court judge) will include in his packet ... the grand and wild celebrations of homosexuality in his command.

Get that STAR!